The Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Academic Enrichment Program supports undergraduate students as they participate in activities that complement, extend and enhance their academic endeavors at WVU. This program encourages students to put theory to practice through hands-on experiences, including research, internships, conferences and study abroad programs.

Burgess Garrett Burgess

Through support from the Academic Enrichment Program, alumnus Garrett Burgess (BA Political Science and Russian Studies, 2018) studied abroad in Strasburg, France, and completed an internship with the State Department in the European Union.

“Scholarships and monetary gifts are really important for students because they allow us the opportunity to do something they would not naturally do on their own. If it wasn’t for me going to Strasburg the summer before, I would not have been competitive or been interested in a State Department internship within the European Union. It made things clear for me as far as my aspirations and what I wanted to focus on. The only reason I was there was because of monetary donations and assistance.”

Vickers Janelle Vickers

Communication Studies and English alumna Janelle Vickers (BA, 2017) traveled abroad to New Zealand for an internship with the Shakespeare Globe Centre with support from the Academic Enrichment Program. Vickers is currently a master’s student and graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Communication Studies.

“The grant helped me to study abroad in New Zealand. I was able to work and live there for two months fulfilling my dream of living in a foreign country. I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to afford to go to college or to have the opportunities I was afforded at WVU if I didn’t have the financial support from the University, the Eberly College and private donors.”

Harrison Emma Harrison 

Senior political science and multidisciplinary studies major Emma Harrison, WVU’s 23rd Truman Scholar, sought to expand her understanding of government and prison reform through study abroad. In addition to her work with the Innocence Project and Inside-Out Prison Exchange, she has traveled to Bahrain, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates. 

“It’s incredibly important to invest in students. It helps students study abroad, attend conferences and even help with tuition. It really takes the stress off of students to be able to focus on school and not on money. In getting support, I’ve been able to focus on my schoolwork, service and leadership and be able to really excel in what I’m doing rather than worrying about the expense.”