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Psychology Professor Wins National Faculty Advising Award


Daniel McNeil, professor in the Department of Psychology, has received of the 2015 Florence L. Denmark Faculty Advisor Award. The national award recognizes one faculty member of the Psi Chi honor society for their outstanding leadership and contribution to the field of psychology. 

“It’s a tremendous honor. To have been nominated by the WVU students in the Psi Chi Psychology Honorary is verifying for me as a faculty member, and humbling,” he said. “I hope it brings honor and prestige to our Psi Chi chapter and to WVU, which made it possible for me to receive this award.” 

McNeil has served as faculty adviser to WVU’s Psychology Club and the local chapter of the Psi Chi psychology honorary for more than 12 years. The honor comes after winning the 2011-2012 Ruth Hubbard Cousins Award, recognizing the chapter out of more than 1,100 worldwide. 

Though he’s been at the helm for more than a decade, McNeil still views the position as an opportunity to relate to — and learn from — his students. 

“They are eager, fun and appreciate the involvement of a faculty member who cares about them and their learning,” he said. “They keep me young and allow me to keep in touch with cultural customs, attitudes and values of young adults. Being an advisor to a student org helps me in the classroom, too, as I believe I can relate more readily to students. Learning about students’ perspectives and views about psychology is captivating. It never gets old.” 

Not only does he benefit from clubs and organizations like these, but so do the students. 

“Student organizations such as the Psi Chi Psychology Honorary, and the Psychology Club at WVU provide out-of-class learning opportunities in students’ fields of interest. They help broaden students’ education, provide leadership and team-building opportunities and allow students an outlet for service to the campus and the community,” he said. 


Daniel McNeil

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Daniel McNeil