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Three New Books from Eberly College Faculty

With over 400 full-time faculty members, Eberly College produces a steady stream of high-quality academic literature. These three recent publications are only a few examples of our faculty’s commitment to their fields of expertise.


  Graphic of newly published book covers

Cover of Wheeling's Polonia

Wheeling’s Polonia: Reconstructing Polish Community in a West Virginia Steel Town - Hal Gorby, Teaching Associate Professor of History 

A study of the Polish immigrant community in Wheeling, West Virginia. Hal Gorby examines ethnicity, religion, class and culture in a unique Appalachian community, and how they shaped Wheeling into the city it is today. Read more about Wheeling’s Polonia.

Cover of Fierce and Delicate

Fierce and Delicate: Essays on Dance and Illness - Renee Nicholson, Director of the Humanities Center 

A dancer whose journey was cut short by rheumatoid arthritis, Renee Nicholson here illustrates two lifelong journeys: one of art, and one of illness. Through a series of essays, she examines the dichotomy of those forces and what she’s learned from them. Read more about Fierce and Delicate.

Cover of the Routledge Handbook for Development and Environment

The Routledge Handbook of Development and Environment - Brent McCusker, Professor of Geography 

Brent McCusker serves as lead editor and contributor for this handbook, a theory-based examination of the relationships between different environments and the societies they produce. The handbook covers topics such as climate change, neo-liberalism, environmental resources and the governance of those fields. Read more about the Routledge Handbook of Development and Environment.